Sunday, January 31

falafel, gelato, e bomboloni galore

what a wonderful sunday. sleeping until 2:30 in the afternoon, walking into town for some falafel and bomboloni pastry. followed by dinner at a great pizza place called Pomodoro, and to top it all off, nutella gelato. all for under $20. oh, and free baklava.

updating this blog is a lot harder than i thought it would be. there are so many crazy things happening all the time here, and in the moment i always think "wow i cant wait to write about this later", and then when i sit down in front of the computer i'm always unable to describe everything that's been happening here.

italian is improving. i now know how to say key phrases such as "my name is", "where is the...", "how much?", and "i don't understand". i also know all the months, days of the week, numbers, letters, etc. last night at the bar Aurora i spelled out my name for all the people i met. it's funny, hearing everyone trying to work with however much italian we've accumulated thus far. hand gestures are also very helpful.

so emily, alex, kadie and i have booked paris for spring break. we'll be leaving on march 6th and staying the entire week. we were originally going to divide up the break between paris and barcelona, but i'm glad we'll be spending the entire week in one city. hopefully that way we'll get to see everything we want to see. next weekend i'm going to florence for the day on sunday, and the weekend after that we're all going to venice for carnival. its like mardi gras. and we're going to try and fit 7 people in one hotel room.... no matter what happens i'm sure i'll come back with a million stories.

so after an exhausting weekend filled with farmhouse parties, bonfires, running through arezzo in the rain, falafel, gelato, and making friends with Luca, Luca, and Lorenzo, its time to start a week of classes again. this week i have philosophy of art, italian, modern/ballet, and dance performance classes, and tarantella. 6-8 hours of class a day is exhausting, but i'm so in love with it.

buonna notte, tutti.

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