Wednesday, January 20

"we are... americanos"

7 hours to munich, 2 hour layover, one over-priced espresso, 1.5 hours to florence, 3 hours in the florence airport, one slice of greasy pizza, 1 hour bus ride, and a hike up a mountain... and i'm finally in arezzo!

well worth all the travel and time spent curled on an airplane. granted, i did sleep most of the bus ride to the villa, but i did manage to catch a few glances outside. mountains and hills all over, and every single thing about this place is so old. but in a really wonderful way. the villa is 13th century, and atop a huge hill overlooking arezzo (hence, the 20 minute hike carrying all my luggage, the bus couldn't fit because the streets are so narrow).

maybe it was just 24 hours of living off of pretzels and airport food... but our first dinner at the villa was incredible. ravioli, homemade meat sauce (there goes vegeterianism out the window...), fresh salad, baked ziti, homemade apple cake for dessert. amazing. i never want to dine in harris again.

so far i've been getting by with "grazie" (thank you) and "buon giorno" (hello). for lunch, all i had to say was "un... pizza, por favore...". i'm really hoping that with italian classes and my pocket italian dictionary i'll manage to not sound like a complete idiot these next three months. but even if i do, at least emily alex and kadie are here to laugh at me for it.

anyway, so far so good. my roommate jessica (theater student from Boston University) and i have our own bathroom and gigantic closet. the whole group really hit it off right from the start in florence while waiting for the bus. it's so strange how it's only been a day, but it feels like i've already been gone for a while now.

oh, and we've already begun to experience the sketchiness of local italian men. at a sandwich shop in florence, two guys actually picked up their plates of food, and relocated themselves to the table near where alex kadie em and i were standing. lovely.

ciao for now.

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