Sunday, February 7

"all of these things are happening"

last night i had the best italian meal. me and four friends started off with bruschetta for appetizer, ordered a liter of white wine, and fresh bread. the meal was pretty entertaining because i had forgotten i was on cold/flu medication most of the day, but drank several glasses of wine anyways. pretty out of it, to say the least. anyway, for the entree, i had this sort of flat pasta (like lasagna), topped with olive oil, ricotta and mozzarella cheeses, and cherry tomatoes. it was so simple, but all the ingredients were so fresh, and the tomatoes were so sweet. to finish, we all ordered different types of torta, i had a creme torta with toasted almonds. wine, bruschetta, life changing pasta, and dessert, for just under $20. incredible.

today i decided to sleep in and skip out on the trip to florence, only because i had been sick the last two days. but today i'm feeling much better, and took a two hour walk around the city of arezzo by myself. it was weird being alone, but it was nice to take in the city without any one talking to me or any distractions. the antique fair was still happening, so i got to take my time going from table to table looking at old paintings and jewelery. didn't make any purchases, maybe next time.

i stopped by my favorite falafel place, where i'm sure the woman knows my face by now because i go every weekend. she's helping me learn the names of all the toppings that i like on my falafel sandwich. falafel panino con cetrioli, pomodori, insalati, e tzatziki. it's so nice to be spoken to in italian, and not assumed to be an idiot or unwilling to learn.

this week ahead should be less busy than the last. less class time, and on friday we're all going to venice for carnival. i just have to get through another italian quiz, philosophy paper, and a few solos to work on.

ciao tutti!

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  1. elaina! it's steph! i'm so happy that you're having fun in italy - stinks that you got sick but it must have been amazing to walk around by yourself!! i'm insanely jealous and you have to eat double for me. k? k.