Tuesday, February 2

who doesn't love queen?


one of the dancers at the accademia taped emily, alex, and me dancing to "somebody to love" by queen, it was choreographed by our professor adele myers back at conn. this was performed at the accademia's first cabaret of the semester. pretty entertaining, in my opinion, and a lot of fun to perform!

we had our first real philosophy class today. our teacher scott has been sick, so the second class was canceled, and the first class was really informal. much to my surprise, i loved today's class. i was dreading philosophy, because from past experiences, i haven't liked it. too many people all trying to express their points of view, and running circles around each other, and in the end no concrete solution is ever reached, and most people just end up fighting. but this class was really well mediated, and scott shed a lot of light on the articles we read, and made us all think about the stories in a much larger metaphorical sense. he's so calm too, i think his temperament sort of keeps everybody in check. the first paper is due next week, and we are supposed to write about a turning point in our lives, a shift in or inversion of perspective, a time when our vision of the world changed dramatically. i love these sorts of papers, because its so open ended. also, the hardest part will be coming up with one single moment, and once i have targeted that, the paper should flow smoothly.

any who, check out the video. it kicks ass. florence day trip this sunday, i can't wait to photograph the city. i really want to take some dance photos around arezzo and maybe other cities as well. could be really beautiful.


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